Why is the Internet so slow?

"This project is due in one hour........"

If you've ever been working on a business, personal, or land development project, then you know exactly what it feels like when your internet connection slows you down and you lose valuable time. It only hurts more when you have to unplug all the wires from your computer, restart your router, or spend valuable time on hold with your ISP provider! In reality, a poor internet connection, or under performing network, is caused primarily by a lack of bandwidth and inferior internet or satellite equipment. Maintaining your busy schedule is challenging enough, why should you have to worry about your internet connection? At Satellite Networking, we have developed a turn key, internet solution for remote areas, and proprietary software that can remotely maintain and service your computer system. Operate worry free and don't miss another deadline or agonize over your project! Avoid your next computer disaster by call us today for a FREE evaluation of your internet connection and a customized solution.



Stop yelling at your computer! Our client manager runs behind the desktop to repair, maintain and insure that your computer continues to operate at optimal levels. Our client is supported on both PC and Mac platforms to secure email, data, and photos.



With satellite solutions, you don't have to leave the modern conveniences of internet, phone, or E-mail behind. Our Satellite Solution can be customized, and configured for your unique application and property. We want to keep you connected!

Remote ISP


Most ISP's provide service through land lines or cable wire buried in the ground. Satellite Networking developed MonSYS™, an ISP solution that is very reliable, fast, cost effective, and can be implemented ANYWHERE in the world